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Engineering, Manufacturing and Automotive

Whether you’re fascinated by the intricate workings of machines, eager to delve into cutting-edge automotive technology or aspire to become an engineer of the future, our courses provide the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in this dynamic industry.

Top Quality Facilities

Equipped with the latest diagnostic tools, specialized equipment, and a team of experienced lecturers, our Motor Vehicle workshop is the hub of practical education.

You will gain invaluable experience in vehicle maintenance, repair, and diagnostics, allowing you to apply your workshop knowledge to real-world situations.

Whether it’s learning to fine-tune engines or troubleshoot complex electrical systems, our workshop provides a dynamic and interactive environment that empowers students to become skilled and confident automotive professionals.

Get access to top experiences

Our links with top companies mean that you can develop the skills you need to succeed.

Not only this, you will be able to take part in real-life projects and be inspired by those who are currently working in the industry.

External photo of the Future building

Centre for Environmental Technology

Our students study in our Centre for Environmental Technology. This £6.5m building is our renewable technologies centre. With solar panels and visible plumbing systems, the building is used as a teaching tool to demonstrate cutting-edge design, construction and engineering techniques. The Centre contains the latest equipment for students of electronic and mechanical engineering.

How you apply for a course at EKC Broadstairs College

Step 1 – Find a subject you’re interested in

Explore our departments on our website, and see the academic opportunities available to you.

Step 2 – Apply

Apply on our website through our dedicated application portal.

Step 3 – Come to an interview

Come to EKC Broadstairs College and meet our team, explore our facilities and find the course that is right for you.

Achive Building at EKC Broadstairs College

Career prospects

Engineering Technician
Annual pay
Annual pay is per year, based on full-time employment and on the South East region.
Role description
Engineering technicians perform a variety of technical support functions to assist engineers with the design, development, operation, installation and maintenance of engineering systems and constructions.
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We’re part of six community-based colleges

Our mission is to play a leading role for East Kent in developing the economic and social prosperity of the diverse communities we serve.