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What is Community Week?

18 March 2024
Students take part in two Community Weeks every year. The idea of these is for students to undertake practical tasks that initiate change.

As part of EKC Broadstairs College’s ongoing commitment to the national #iwill campaign, which promotes youth social action, students take part in two Community Weeks throughout the academic year. The idea of the #iwill campaign and the College’s Community Weeks is for staff and students to undertake practical tasks that initiate positive change in the local area.

Here are just a few reasons why you should get involved and help us make a difference:

Put your skills to the test

Community Week is an opportunity for you to use the skills you are learning in class. Over the years, students have undertaken many different projects such as Construction students renovating the Broadstairs Harbour arm and Catering students putting on afternoon teas. Hair and Beauty students offered pamper days to care home residents as well as an example. Putting skills into practice outside of the classroom helps embed learning and also develops other soft skills, such as problem solving and planning. 

Give something back

Community Weeks are all about helping the local community and giving something back. Helping others and being part of something bigger is good for your own wellbeing. Over the years, we have supported local and national charities and campaigns, from the Broadstairs Town Shed to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Community Week can help you tackle issues that are important to you and improve other people’s lives. 

Music students performing on stage

Build on your CV

Students are encouraged to add any social action projects to their CV. Showing employers that you have taken part in real-world projects can help you secure jobs in the future. Community projects also help you build ‘soft skills’ such as teamwork, customer service and project planning. 

Be part of something bigger

You can have a say in what you do for Community Week and help transform the community you live in. It is also a chance to build relationships outside of your normal group. Many of our departments have worked together on projects over the years and brought different students together. Whether it is working with your friends, other departments or local groups and charities, Community Week gives you the chance to meet new people and improve your community. 

We are always looking for ways to get involved with our local community and make a difference. So if you have an idea for a social action project, get in touch with us.