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Students celebrate the End of Year in style

2 July 2024
To celebrate the end of the year, students were invited for a day of celebrations, including cheering on students in the annual Soap Box derby.

To celebrate the end of the year, students were invited for a day of celebrations, where they watched and cheered on students in the annual Soap Box derby, challenged their friends to inflatable games, and pedalled to make their own smoothies. 


To start the day, students lined the road ahead of the soap box derby as racers got geared up. Students created their own go-karts to go head-to-head in the race to see who could complete the track in the quickest time.  


Racers took to the track one by one, being cheered on by staff and students as they raced to the finish line. Lastly estates donned their best pirate costume as they headed down the track in ‘the pink pearl’ as smoke filled the track and confetti was shot from the cannons.  


As the race concluded and the crowd gathered for the results and medal ceremony. Medals and chocolates were awarded to those who completed the race in the fastest time, the most upcycled vehicle, and the best-looking kart. A shield trophy was awarded to EKC Broadstairs College for the inter-College race against EKC Dover College; this will be engraved and held by the winning College each year.  

Dylan came in third place completing the track in 26.81 seconds. Will came in second place, finishing the lap in 18.35 seconds and in first place was Josh who completed the race in just 16.41 seconds. 

Team Time 
Josh (Automotive) 16.41 
Will (Engineering) 18.35 
Dylan (Built) 26.81 
Harvey (Automotive) 27.25 
Joe (Automotive) 31.87 
Charlie (Automotive) 31.9 
Callum (Sport) 36.47 
Reece (Automotive) 37.78 
Poppy (Automotive) 37.8 
Callum (Automotive) 38.15 
Josh (Automotive) 1:05:25 
Adam (Inclusive) DNF 



Enjoying the summer weather, ice cream and music, students celebrated the end of year around the campus, taking part in a variety of fun inflatable activities. such as gladiator, hungry hippos, and football darts.  

What a fun way to end the year! Special shout out to our Student Experience Officer Sean and student ambassadors for putting on and hosting a great event and to Antonia for keeping us entertained on the mic throughout the annual soap box derby.