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Meet your Student Experience Officer

30 October 2023
Student Experience Officer Sean spoke to us about his role and what he loves about his job.

As our Student Experience Officer, Sean’s responsibility is to maintain a positive atmosphere, ensure students have a positive experience while at college and to provide a variety of enrichment opportunities.

What does a Student Experience Officer do?

From running clubs to arranging trips and events for the students, my role as Student Experience Officer is to ensure students have opportunities to enjoy the social side of college alongside their course. There are many parts to my role, here are the main aspects that my role covers:

Student Centre – I oversee the Student Centre alongside Chloe our sports and enrichment coach. The Student Centre is open to all students from 12-2:15 every day and is a great place to hang out, play games and socialise, so come down and say hi!

Student Voice – I also oversee the class reps. Class elected reps meet with me once a month to discuss any concerns or changes their classes have, as well as any other ideas they may have in and around campus. I will then pass this information over to our Senior Leadership Team which will hopefully bring positive changes to the college. 

Students’ Union – I work with and support the Student Union President and their officers. I do my very best to make sure they have all the support and help they need when implementing their ideas, running campaigns and organising SU events.

Make sure to keep your eyes on the noticeboards around campus to see what new & exciting activities and weekly clubs we have running throughout the year, or find me in the Student Centre.

Students playing air hockey

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love the fact that every day at work is different, which means that life at the college is always fun. Planning and attending trips is definitely a highlight of the role, not only are they fun to plan but they also give students the opportunity to have new experiences and participate in new activities.

The role of a Student Experience Officer takes me all over campus and allows me to chat to new people everyday, which I love as I’m very chatty!

How can you help students?

You can come to me with anything and everything! I was a student at EKC Canterbury College, so I know what daily life is like for students. Whether you just want a general chat on your lunch break or want to discuss new ideas for clubs and trips, I always do my best to make time for the students, my aim is to make your time here as enjoyable and as stress free as possible.

I can also help you apply for your Totum student discount card, proof of age Citizencard and distribute sexual health advice and contraception.

Students sat in the refectory

You studied at EKC Canterbury College. Can you tell us about your experience as a student?

I studied Carpentry Level 2 when I was a student at Canterbury as I wanted to learn a new skill that I could use later in life. While I was at EKC Canterbury College, there were a few clubs and activities, but not as many as there are today. Due to this I try my best to make sure there are lots of activities and clubs for Broadstairs students to get involved with such as the football club and pool club.

Student playing pool