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Junior College – Tegan's Experience

20 March 2024
Tegan tells us about her experiences studying Sport at EKC Broadstairs Junior College and what she enjoys about learning.

Tegan studies Sport at our EKC Broadstairs Junior College.

She tells us about her experiences and what she enjoys about learning at an environment that is different to school.

What do you like about Junior College? 

I feel studying at Junior College gives you a wider range of activities which show what life in sport is really like. Rather than just playing one sport such as football or badminton all the time, we get to learn wider contexts such as the rules and responsibilities of it while playing the game. 

We have mainly been focusing on sports coaching with younger children. I quite enjoy this because I’m able to see how they benefit from the sporting activities that we put on, whilst also benefitting myself by seeing how my actions have an impact.  

Some parts of hosting these sports for the children can be challenging because I’m young, but they still enjoy it. I’m always able to adapt or look back at what’s happened and decide what works best and what hasn’t worked as well.  

Why did you choose Junior College? 

At school I wasn’t learning the subjects that I wanted to take for my dream career, which is why I came to study at Junior College. Here, I get more opportunities to focus on sport and work towards a career, whereas in school I didn’t get that choice and the time focused on sport there was very limited. 

I have also worked with the 16-18 students who are from the main College in lessons and during sporting activities. I feel like I’m becoming part of their group, and I don’t see myself as a younger student. I never feel like I can’t get involved with the wider activities they can just because I’m in Year 10. 

What do you hope to do in the future after College? 

After I complete my qualifications at College, I want to become a sports coach for younger children, drawing on the experiences that I’ve had so far. It would be great to have my own football team where I can coach them to be the best. 

I would also like to reflect on myself to become a better football player. I quite like when we go along to take part in mini tournaments at Margate Football Club against older students, so I would like to continue this and have greater range in who I play in the future.