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Junior College – Megan's experience

30 October 2023
Megan tells us about her experience of EKC Broadstairs Junior College and how it has helped her prepare for the future.

Former Junior College student, Megan, successfully passed her GCSEs and now studies Level 3 Professional Cookery. We caught up with her to hear about her time with the Junior College, and how this helped her get a head start in her chosen pathway.

What did you enjoy about learning at Junior College?

When I started at Junior College I was very shy, and just an average teenager, with average grades; but the enthusiastic and passionate teachers helped me come out of my shell. The teachers always pushed and encouraged us to achieve our goals. I even achieved 6s in my GCSE Maths and English! Because Junior College only taught years 10 and 11 there were fewer students than in a regular school. This meant teachers knew each student a lot better and could help students when we needed it. Also, having my progress frequently assessed and being told how I could improve was a huge help for me.

What’s the difference between Junior College and staying at school?

The main difference is that you’re able to begin a vocational course straight away – that’s the great thing about Junior College. You still have to do the essential GCSEs, but instead of doing lots of different lessons you’re not interested in, you can focus on one subject that you’re passionate about. In Year 10 I started with the Catering and Hospitality progression course and now I’m in the process of completing the full Level 2 course, with the goal of becoming a pastry chef one day.

If you know what career you want, or what industry you’d like to work in, then going to Junior College is better. You have access to all of the great facilities in the College. For example, I’ve been cooking in industry-standard kitchens since Year 10 – a school couldn’t offer that same experience.

What would you say to students considering applying for Junior College?

Do it! Junior College is full of supportive and engaging teachers who will really boost your confidence and give you a ‘can do attitude’. Add that to the equipment and facilities the College has to offer, and you’ll be able to succeed.

EKC Broadstairs Junior College has helped me massively on my journey to success and I will always be grateful.

Megan, Junior College student