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My Work Placement – Lewis Smith

19 February 2024
Student Lewis recently met with us to discuss his successful work placement in the IT department of The Overseas Teacher.

Student Lewis recently met with us to discuss his successful work placement in the IT department of The Overseas Teacher. Lewis spent a week working with the company, who provide English tuition to students in China. Lewis thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and was happy to talk us through his experience. 

Why did you choose to study Computing? 

I’ve always had an interest in computers and I pick up technical information easily, so it seemed logical to do a Computing course and learn even more. I also love fixing things and looking into the technical aspects of building machines. I once bought a faulty PS4 controller and managed to fix it myself. I really love the practical aspects of the course, being able to work in the computer lab and improve my coding skills has been really beneficial. 

Can you tell us about your work placement at The Overseas Teacher? 

It was great to experience a real workplace. Even though the College is preparing us for the world of work, it was good to get first-hand experience, as it’s a totally different ball game. It was a busy environment and the workload was constant, so I always needed to be on the ball and focused. 

I was able to experience working within multiple departments and was able to see the different skills needed within each. I thoroughly enjoying being part of the tech support team the most, dealing with a variety of technical issues the tutors were having. I enjoyed helping other people and thrived in the fast-paced environment. I was also tasked with building the homepage for their website, which I really enjoyed as I was able to experiment with design and font choices. 

The staff were very nice and supportive. They always listened and answered any questions I had. They also trusted us to complete tasks independently, and I appreciated that as it made me feel part of the team. They also gave me some great advice and encouragement throughout the week, especially when it came to keeping alert and focused whilst working. 

Would you recommend The Overseas Teacher as an employer and why? 

I would absolutely recommend them. Not only are they a lovely company to work for, the work they’re doing is also for a great cause. My week with them was positive and informative and I’d be delighted if they’ll have me back in the future.  

Where are you hoping this Computing course will take you? 

I was never sure what aspect of the industry I wanted to work in, however, since completing my placement I have a new interest in tech support. I really enjoyed being able to help other people, fix problems and share my knowledge so now I think that sector could be a possible progression route. I’d like to progress onto the HNC Computing course next year, in the hopes to move onto university eventually. 

Student using VR headset in gaming lab
Lewis testing out our VR Headsets in the Higher Education computing lab.

What advice do you have for others looking at joining this course? 

I would advise people that it won’t be easy! The course is hard work but it’s worth it, if you put your head down and work there’s no reason why you can’t succeed. The commitment and hard work pays off in the end. 

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