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Level 2 Award Assisted Technology in Health and Social Care Environments

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Course overview

Recent advancements in the Health and Care sectors mean that more people than ever before can benefit from technology when it comes to their quality of life.

Assistive Technologies, such as Hearing Aids, Wheelchairs, and Prostheses, have revolutionised the way in which patients, people with disabilities, and the elderly live.

On this course, you will dive into all there is to know about these technologies and gain a full understanding of how it has impacted the Health and Care industry.

Completion of the course will bring you a new outlook on tech, health, and care and enable you to make informed decisions when it comes to applications of this in the workplace.

Course information

You will learn all about the world of Assistive Technology in Health and Care through six key modules.

These modules will look at Assistive Technology from a range of angles, which are:

  • Terminology
  • Long-Term conditions
  • Why it is used in Health and Care
  • Advantages, Disadvantages, and Barriers of use
  • Impact on individuals
  • Roles and responsibilities of carers

At the end of the course, you will have gained a comprehensive knowledge of Assistive Technology and be able to relate it back to a Health and Social Care setting.