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Nurture Forest School

A provision created to provide students who often struggle in a mainstream classroom with a safe environment connected to nature.

Discover a new way to learn

You can thrive as you get ‘hands on’ and immersed in nature. Throughout the year you will learn agroforest employable skills as you improve our college environment and green areas, whilst gaining confidence in decision making and improving social and communication skills.

Be accountable for your education

The curriculum within our Nurture Forest School is often student led, allowing you to take ownership and responsibility for your learning, the land and how it is developed throughout the year.

Students are given creative freedom to design and build our forest areas into effective learning environments, whilst being mindful of the wildlife already inhabiting the area.

Projects our students have completed to date include:

  • Waste removal and clearing the area
  • Setting up a ‘trail cam’ to monitor and observe existing wildlife
  • Students built a wildlife pond
  • Students planted additional, local species trees
  • Students created a camp ground area, with a fire pit and log benches
  • Upcycled wooden pallets to create sustainable Christmas decorations
  • Creating an outdoor gym, using nature and repurposed tyres to create equipment
  • Created a Christmas tree recycling area for the local community
  • Building a large composting area and water collection system
Students sat outside chatting

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